Hi Juju,
You will find your post moved to the family and friend forum. There you will meet the Lovely Velvet-and a number of other partners that share your situtation.
I am a compulsive gambler. Much like a **** addict we will do most anything to get our "fix". In the throws of "being in action" we can be very convincing ***rs. We have praticed that skill for years. We even *** to ourselves-"This is it, I’ll never do it again",etc. The sad part is we mean it when we say it-that is until the urge strikes again and we find ourselves back in front of a slot machine swearing that yet again this will be tha last time.
I think you will find that his love for you is very seperate for his **** for gambling. It’s like a mistress in reality. I often described "my machine" as an abusiver lover who took all I had and left me wanting and kicked me to the curb until I could find the next "gift" ( cash) to give him.
I wish you the best Juju. I hope by reading here in the forums you will see that you are not alone, and that there is hope for a better life.