Welcome Goldenharp,
It is very good that you are here, reading and now posting. GT has been my rock understanding this addiction and the support I have received her theses last few years in my recovery as a child of a cg. As you have already seen this addiction just doesn’t go away nor does it want to. It just wants to grow making not just the gamblers’ life a living **** but the family and friends attached. There are many strategies to place barriers so they cannot gamble but again that only works if they are firmly placed. Also, you cannot enable the cg in anyway, ex: if he cannot pay a bill, you cannot help him. He can shout, cry, threaten until he is blue in the face and still you will not bail him out. But most importantly, he has got to want to quit. He has to want his recovery so bad that he is willing to do what it takes.
In my case, my father never admit to his gambling problem and it did ruin his life. However, there are those that are living gambling free lives, they are happy enjoying the simple pleasures it life. This addiction can never be cured per say but it can be controlled. You really need to think about your situation. He gambled again after he said he wouldn’t now the ball is in your court. You are freer than you think, you are not married not do you have children. Look after you and do what is right for you and never feel guilty doing what you feel.
Twilight(I believe we get our greatest strength from the hardest obstacles)