I speak to m hubby about problem of gambling though he dnt admit tha he have gambling problem .But yes he listen to me very nicely . With the help jenny(gambling theraphy) I got motivation to speak to him about the problem of gambling which is effecting ourselves n my toddler .yesterday I MSG him that he is not bad guy but the habbit of drinking n playing poker and for that staying out of home at night is disturbing me .i told him you are booze brain when you drink while plaing poker .he agreed pon cause that he play poker and stay out of home which is not right for our relationship . With help of Jenny I speak to him politely about our life.i was not at all able to talk to him .jenny talked to me in such a way which help me to build confidence in myself Myhusband told me that I Won 50k with gambling in three days .it could be right for him.he said he play for living .he claims that i m nt ambler who is selling everything for gambling .he says I take of my office after office cnt sit at home I have to do something .in this case I dnt know what to answere him . Is it right to letting him g every hit out with friends???? This is what I cnt accept .he said you nag me every time I go out I only nag because things are going on regular bases … I told Him I talk to you very nicely .change your self .i have given him one week to manage all this else there is no other option apart from living separately ….as we are two different personality we valve to think alike n over come habbit which are effecting our family life … Live n let live Live n let live