Dear Wheretonow,
You cannot look back to the past and regret anything you have done. It is what you believed to be right then, of course when we are looking back we seem to think we know the right answer now and it isn’t true.
I am a child of a cg and I have lived the misery of it, though I will say there were good ***** but I mostly remember the bad. If you feel like leaving then do so. Listen to your gut, it is telling you this for a good reason. There is so much power in a desire and if you don’t act, it is as if you are not trusting yourself.
Your cg husband isn’t going to change one bit. Yes, he will tell you when he senses he has to, to save the marriage, he will be his true intentions are just to save face. Don’t bother trying to rational anything with him either because his mind is really twisted, the gambling really takes a toll on anyone who lives and breaths it.
The advice I learned here was to do for me and not worry about what the cg will do, stop the enabling and living my life. It was difficult but just like with anyting you start, it is hard but you have to keep on plugging if you want any change in your life. Do not stay in a marriage because you think it is the right thing to do because it will only break you down the road.
Best of luck to you and know you are really the one who has any control on how you live your life and if you are going to be happy.