Dear mzr123. Welcome here. It is good you have reached out for help. You have been and will be heard and supported. It is often good to do nothing when you are unsure about the best course of action. It may sound counter-intuitive for you as you have struggled to get your husband to stop gambling for so long and that seems the primary goal of your life, but I suggest that the important thing now is to look after YOU. It is not surprising that you feel that you have no more strength, but I would encourage you to start believing that you do have a future. I cannot describe it, but it can be better than the past. If your husband leaves, that will be his choice. It does not have to be a final move. But if you start rebuilding yourself, any further decisions will eventually make themselves a bit more clear for you. Perhaps contact the Live Advice Helpline also. There is much support and guidance for partners and other family members. My very best wishes. Monique.xxKeep hope alive.