I m suffering from same problem.even that take me down .some ***** I can’t take care of myself n daughter too.i m very depressed.he pla on daily bases or drink and he is nt at all interested in taking to me if we talk than that convert into fight .i feel helpless.if I tell this to my father hubby says I humiliate him in front of my parents .he has been hospitalised co of this habits as he dnt take meals if he is into all this .last time I speak to him he said I m down with my business’ that’s why. Need money that’s earn from playing poker .i feel helpless.he clearly told me that he can give me more than4 hours in a week.i love him but he is uncontrollable ,he mentioned that I can’t stop him from anything.he said off dnt play poker or dnt drink what should. Do after coming back from office.he do go to office as. Dnt let him sit at home.after coming back from hospital he stopped all this for almost month .now again he started .he said leave me alone .its hard to carry our relationship .i dnt know wats my fault is ?i take care of his home n though I live in Jon family .i kept on thinking but at the end I can’t find answere .he says why do you go for dance class why u go to parlour why you speak to ur fronds n relative on call.did I ever stop you .even he says that you dnt like me seeing others gals so I dnt do that though I have options .i m speechless here he totally negative guy now …he find negativity in my jokes even …..he says you nag me .you dnt want me to do anything.but I told him you do repeatedly …
Help me Live n let live