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Hi All. Thank you for the replies. I really appreciate it! I haven’t gambled in 2 days now and am addenting my first GA meeting tonight and then another one on Wednesday. I love all the help and advice you have given me! I especially thank Larry. Everything you said is soooooo true! I am taking my time with recovery this time. I felt so good and confident in not gambling that I honestly forgot what I had went through when I was gambling. I didn’t work the program the way it should have been and I went back to gambling. I hope that my story does help some people in realizing that it sucks out there! It’s not any fun and not any better. There is plenty of pain and misery. I am going to take one minute at a time and work the program the way it should be. I will keep you all posted. Again, thank you for the support, advice and kicks in the butt that I need!