Dear BB,
I feel like a ***** a lot of the time too – especially when I’m with my family who know nothing about this mess and I feel like I’m pretending everything is fine as always with me when it’s not. I want us both to find a way to feel more genuinely fine, at least sometimes, whether or not our husbands recover.
I hope you have started strengthening the relationship with your kids and you are spending quality time with them. This would be so good for you all.  And you surely know in your heart that they could never be better off with a different woman as their mother – you must not ever let this damned addiction convince you of that!!
I haven’t seen you post in awhile, so I suspect you are flip-flopping like me – but maybe things are going much better for you and you are putting your time and energy into your kids and other interests.  I hope that is true and I’d love to hear about it if it is.
If not, I want to hear about that too girl.
Did you ever go to that Gamanon meeting?  If so, what did you think?
Is your husband still going to the outpatient rehab on the 10th?
I hope you post soon and let us know how things are going.
 "… should I give up or should I just keep trying to run after you when there's nothing there?"  Adele