I love the idea of you wood-working and hopefully getting engrossed in something that keeps the crazy thoughts at bay.   I have also been the crazy woman and I am really pleased to tell you that when you are no longer in the shadow of the addiction, sanity returns and the crazy woman disappears – never to return.   When you have gained knowledge about what has hurt you and realised that you have the key to your own recovery, you can retake control of your own life and this is good for you, your children and your husband.  
I don’t know what your outcome will be but I do know that hundreds of members have passed through this forum and gone on to lives that are not controlled by the addiction of another.    Success, in this forum, is the non-CG living their life free of the addiction and I have seen it over and over.  
Being organised is far from a small accomplishment.   Crazy people cannot get organised – I know.  
It is a sad fact that the addiction will not allow the non-CG to stick their head in the sand for long – it is too demanding.   Please keep looking after you, put you first and your children will have a wonderful role model.   The more you look after you, the stronger you will be and the more you will be able to cope.  
Keep posting – when ‘you’ want to and  please tell us what you have created out of odds and ends – I am really impractical when it comes to wood – you have a gift and hopefully it is going to take your forward mentally while I hope your doctor can bring you relief physically.