I was floored after reading the F&F Cycle. It brought tears to my eyes. Partly because I was relieved that I am not loosing my mind, that I’m not the only one who has been through that up and down and being twisted inside and out. And also because, I know my husband has a problem, but I hope he truly understands how much of a problem this is.
He has committed to going to GA tonight. I feel he is going because he wants to get his life back (those were his words). But I worry that he still doesn’t get it. I don’t believe he sees what this has done to his life. I don’t believe he sees what this has done to me and the kids. Does GA help the CG understand that and come to grips with the effects of gambling?
As far as taking care of myself…how do I do that and still take care of him? If I block out the gambling, money, problems and fighting, I can be happy; I’ve done it. But to block that out I have to block out my husband. And I feel like that is walking away from him when he ***** my support the most. Especially when he is starting GA. I guess there is a balance there, I need to find.
Still trying to figure out how to handle the kids. I am leaning towards telling them.