Dear BB,
Thanks for your message. I read your last post and I can relate to your emotions when you drove him to GA. Well done, he went. A minor victory, but any spark of hope is better than none, right?
I understand how betrayed you must feel (I know I did!) with the inlaws knowing about this ‘deep dark secret’. Slowly I am starting to realize that they too were a victim of the ‘beast’. The addiction **** to protect itself and in that – people (me) got hurt. I am assuming that he probably scared his parents about telling me before we got married, perhaps he convinced them that I would leave him, or God knows what! I know he had tried to scare/manipulate me not to address the ‘gambling issue’ to his parents *ever*. When he found out I did he got so angry and said that if bad things would happen it would be my fault… I’ll just leave it at that.
So, I do realize that *if* his parents would have wanted to tell me (which I do not know), it was not easy. And also, I believe that blood is thicker than water so in the end they did not care about their Daughter In Law (me) nearly as much as about their son (the beast at the time). In the end, I think it’s due to ignorance on their part that they are not helping their son and I shouldn’t really get angry for people being ignorant, should I? This is the theory, practice is harder!
Have a peaceful weekend!!
God Bless,