Well, Lucia123, first of all, thanks for coming to this forum and sharing your personal experience about you and your partner. Unfortunately, the story you’re telling is not unique. This is the type of thing we hear all the time when you’re talking about the throes of compulsive gambling addiction. The very first thing that ***** to happen, is that your partner ***** to understand and be willing to accept the fact that gambling has beat him, that there is only recovery ahead of him, and that the road that he is currently traveling on will only lead to him losing you and make things worse for himself. If somebody is not ready to begin their program of recovery there isn’t anything you can do to stop it except protect yourself and that’s a really important thing. So if he’s open to the idea of true recovery then I would certainly find your closest local gamblers anonymous meeting. Go to gamblers anonymous website which is gamblers anonymous .org and if you put in your local zip code into the meeting search you’ll find a number of meetings that are within ten or fifty miles of your local area. Either way I wish all the best and I hope you keep us all in the loop in this forum.
All best to you,