Hi all again
I have just a minute – kids again waiting – But my question is: How do I continue to “act normal”? Things are so chaotic now that my hubby is looking into rehab facilities..it seems so weird and I just cry all the time..I want to maintain some sense of normalcy for my kids – I am trying to hold my family together but I feel like the foundation of my world has been blown up. We are destroyed but no one on the outside knows this. Meanwhile, here it is sunday afternoon, we are supposed to go have family time on a friends boat..how do I act normal? I am not a “***** ****” person – I am very direct and honest, always. So it is excruciating for me to “pretend” it is all ok when we don’t know what will happen in the future to us. I am trying, believe me, but inside i am SUFFERING so much. It is hard to not let it leak out. I can’t walk around crying all the time and I am no good (obviously) and compartmentalizing things.
So, how do I pull it together enough to function???
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