Hi Monique and everyone..
Thank you for all the suggestions. It has been difficult and only getting harder…now we are being audited 2 consecutive years by the IRS! I guess my husband was also “creative” in some of our deductions and now those lies are following us too – I was never involved in the taxes all these years and never thought much about this – but once we got the audit notice and my name was on it too it was sort of like “oh my g-d, now I am on the line too!” I had to convince my husband that more lies is not the way to go into an audit – he was trying to substantiate some of our exaggerated deductions with false documents – can you believe that I had to talk him out of this???? I told him he seems to be losing his grip on reality – and he agreed that he is really sick and ***** help.
That is the only good part – that he agrees he ***** help and is looking into rehabs himself – did 3 intakes so far and we will sort thru with his psychiatrist and see which one is the best for him and his dual diagnosis – But i cant believe how crazy everything is – Looking into rehabs for my husband, getting audited, going to therapy with him , etc… Even though we have money we seem to be drowning in bills – retaining wall collapsed at our house, trees falling across driveway and needing work, husbands car ***** major repairs all of a sudden – I FEEL LIKE THE WORLD IS CRASHING DOWN ON ME – My anxiety is swirling and I am trying to keep it together for the kids – I really appreciate all the feedback and support from everyone. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers… xx