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Hi Madge, I read your posts and can relate to a lot of what you said. Just want to respond re inpatient treatment. It is very common for cgs to manipulate and fool their therapists. My hb did just that for many years. Maybe sharing his treatment history will give you a tiny bit of insight. He completed two inpatient programs, both lasted 30 days and were based on the traditional approach for addiction treatment. He says today that he said all the right things and did what was expected cz he quickly figured out how to pretend and to please the counselors. Nothing really sank in though according to him. It did not help of course that he went to treatment both ***** because I had given him an ultimatum. Before he went the second time, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and put on meds. Nothing changed in re to his addiction though. After relapsing the last time I decided that I was done for good and this time the decision to go to inpatient treatment was his own, finally. He spend 120 days in a facility that was specialized in cg treatment and the program was based on CBT. For him, this was the turning point. It took him a while but he embraced the therapy full heartedly this time. I can only speak for him but CBT really did the trick for him and he swears by it because he says that it completely changed his thought process and he learned how to change his pattern. Actually he also says that being away from his environment helped him a great deal. The counselors dug deep into all the issues that led him to develop the addiction in the first place and that was a big part in the recovery process for him. He also has a very high IQ and understanding what was going on with him was important. Cgs are some***** diagnosed with bipolar disorder because the addiction presents itself with severe **** swings. Being bipolar in the first place does not help when it comes to gambling because of the brain chemistry that affects people in a similar way. As for my hb, he never took another medication ever since his treatment started and he is fine now. It is a hard road to travel for everyone and every person is different. You might want to check out a gambling counselor named Chris Anderson on the net. He lives in Chicago I believe and I had the chance to listen to one of his presentations at a work shop for gambling counselors here in WA. He is a recovering gambler himself and he had some very amazing things to say about cg and therapy. Another thing you can look into is your state’s Council on Problem Gambling. These councils are a great source for all kind of information and help available in your area. Take good care of yourself and your kids, you guys should come first 🙂