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Hi Madge, I talked to my hb today and here is some info you might find useful. The treatment center where he finally started his recovery is called A Soberway Home. They are located in AZ. I cannot copy the url from my computer, for some reason it never works. Their phone # is 877-917-6237. What I find very encouraging is that they have a program for cgs, based on CBT, which according to my hb meant for him to gain a lot of insight re all the issues he never really connected to his addiction. They also address dual diagnosis, as in multiple addictions and have mental health professional staff as well. It is an inpatient treatment where the patients basically learn how to live without gambling. As in basic skills from shopping for food to cooking their own food and taking care of their apartments. Might sound childish but is also very important. The counselors always emphasize that the addiction ***** to be treated first before mental health issues are addressed. The patients are told that it takes a minimum of 70 days to really truly commit to recovery. Like I said, every person and situation is different. What worked so amazingly well for my hb after over 40 yrs of gambling might not work for others. You might also be interested in the fact that the counselors work with the family back home as well. There are phone sessions and three way calls and such. I can only tell you what my hb had to say about the program of course, so it is 3rd hand info of course. But maybe worth a try. It is very hard to find the right counselor and/or the right treatment approach and I hope for you that you are successful. I can relate to most of what you post and wish you all the luck in the world.