looby loo

Hi So Sad
Get those New Shoes walking down YOUR road, taking you where YOU want to go.  As we know the journey has many twists and turns and they are not always where we want to find ourselves.  You certainly are not dumb, and are not right back where you started,  this addiction is evil, coniving, and manipulative, all things we both know, and IF WE LET IT, will drag us back in so quickly.  You my dear, are always 1 step ahead of that game.
If your CG is reading, and you will have no proof that he is, then whatever he reads into your postings will be down to him.  You can always change you alias should you need to, but Harry is right, this forum is yours, to write what you feel and get it off your chest and it is a given that you should be able to do just that much.
Like you, we have distance between us and our CG and it is so much harder to sometimes ‘just get on with life’ in some ways, but in others it is so much easier !  However, it is also very difficult to ‘gauge’ the temperament of our CG’s and take what they say as ‘real’.  We are much more guarded these days in how much we communicate when son should ring and we keep things very much on a level and we have noticed a great deal of difference by taking this tack 🙂  
We will not know for some time whether our CG’s are in real recovery, as we know they can ‘play the tune’  and without concrete evidence we cannot believe.
I wanted to let you know I am still walking with you. 
Thanks also for the post on my thread, there was no visit this weekend, his employment took over, as the Head Chef left unexpectedly and son was left ‘holding the fort’.  It wasn’t a problem to us, we had plenty to do and although I do want to see him, there is no pressure on him to come.  After all, it was his plan to do so.  I did mention to him about our 30 Wedding Anniversary meal in March and explained that I really wanted to talk to him face-to-face to discuss his attendance, but without hesitation he said ‘I will be there Mum, I will be there, I will transfer the money to you’.  I explained that none of the invitees were paying and there was therefore no requirement to transfer any money and that we would discuss when he had more time.
I will leave it there for now as I feel i have just hijacked your thread xxxxEveryone has a destiny, it's up to us whether we choose to follow it though !Looby Loo