Hi Sosad,
All that you are feeling and expressing is very much part of your recovery. We learn from these emotional and draining episodes. It is so familiar for the cg to turn the tables on the noncg saying we make them feel worst, we are being irrational but we have every right to feel like we do. We have been **** to, manipulated and worse. In my book actions always speak louder than words and if I were you I would not make any life moving changes. If he is in recovery he hasn’t been in it for long enough. Just to say he is going to meetings is not enough. Listen to your gut and don’t let him or anyone else make you feel guilty. Experiences change us and you’ll see eventually you will know what is the right choice for you. So keep walking in your new shoes and walk with a smile knowing you will be fine either way. XXXTwilight
(I believe we get our greatest strength from the hardest obstacles)