Hi sosad
Please allow me to tell you that this site in here is the only the only true thing in our lives . The knowledge you are having from the site and from the posts you make …  make you feel better and gave you power that  is wonderful. Don’t let anyone to take this from you . It is your help .it is you. You must not make yourself believe that now when your cg start reading the site you can not 100% be truly. If your cg read and understand who is you  when he is in truly recovery  he will understand you he will come with you and he will no judge you . If he is not in truly recovery he will blame you for what you are writing.
My cg one day read some of my thoughts. That happened at the start and he was a little angry I suppose a little something …and he said that is not like this  and he was angry . So I said to him  that when you read someone thoughts  you must be prepare  that you will read things that you maybe don’t like  so now you know my thoughts change them if you can, I’m here and I’m listening. Give me the answers and the proofs I need to change my thoughts.
Take your time sosad. Velvet  looby twilight and harry is so so right,
With your boots walk the roads, you are strong you are brilliant you are intelligent woman…Keep making yourself stronger and the time for decisions will come without realize it. Everything will come when the time is right for you… Now you don’t need to give nothing to anybody. Be good with yourself you deserve it girl!
With all my love ell
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