Groups of people will always vary and one week can be so dissimilar to the next.   I hope you will go again, maybe others will be there.   The other person who was there must have been glad to see you – did you find support in each other.  Did you have literature to help you make the most of each other.   If not, contact GA and ask for some.  Meetings are best structured – chatting to another who understands can help but structure produces positive thinking and action. 
The group that I went to was thriving but I owe my salvation to just one woman – she was the right person, with the right words and experience and she started me on my road to recovery.   If only that one woman had been there when I went I could not have asked for better.  
It is, I believe, a fact that the non-CG living with an active CG does think about the addiction every minute of the day because it is an invasive and corrosive addiction.   It is something that you can change and change deliberately.   The non-CG brain, I think, spends a lot of time in the ‘why’s and ‘wherefores’ of yesterday and the ‘what ifs’ of tomorrow.   I cannot tell you what to do but I do believe that when we learn to deal with ‘today’ and make time for ourselves ‘just for today’ we make progress.  
I think it is good that you are having an attorney draw up the contract you mention and I am glad that you are taking legal advice as your business is so closely involved with your husband.   You are being practical when you handle your situation like this and that is good for ‘you’. What is good for you is ultimately good for your husband.  
It is easier to say that a life and a job are irrevocably entwined and in a mess than it is to take them separately and deal with them.   Business and work are one thing, your home life, your mental state, your children are another.   I think you have taken a big step by dealing with one piece of the giant jigsaw that is ***** fragmented and daunting in front of you.   Continue as you are doing and take one piece at a time and when you have put that one piece in it’s place, take another, continue on until you can see the whole picture clearly.   When we allow ‘everything’ to worry us we become engulfed – keep going as you are.  
Has your husband ‘found’ his GA yet?  
As Always