Jenny, thanks for replying.  I agree with everything you have said.  If I don’t pay these bookies, what then??  they come to my home with my children??  He has a job but his check goes right into our bill paying account so even if he paid, it is really coming from me anyway……….he works 60 hours a week and we also have the business that we both work at and hope to sell so I can’t even fathem him working another part time job to pay this.  UGGGGGGGGG!!!  So frustrating.  I know I can put my heart into helping him recover and to get through this, but I know if he does this again, I will be out.  I am on pins and needles already about the "next time".   I thank God he hasn’t touched my credit.  Too bad when we sell our business, the 45k in debt he accumulated will be paid by his share of the proceeds.  what a waste