Hi Aj
Well done on starting your thread.   I didn’t mean for you to leave the group when I mentioned it – I just wanted you to know it was there. The F&F groups are always there for you and you will always be welcome.
I wanted to tell you that I have heard you and nothing you have written surprised me.  I want you to know you are among those who understand you as others cannot.
I wouldn’t be writing on here if I did not know that this addiction can be controlled but for the moment it is you that concerns me. Knowledge of the addiction will help you cope more fully.
Below this forum is our Friends and Family Topic forum which helps us focus on different aspects of our involvement with the addiction and I hope it will help you – maybe you could to add to it.  Everthing will be replied to.
Keep posting and reading and you will find your energy again and renew your confidence and self-esteem.
Protect all your finances as much as you can in your own name.   Tell him you are seeking support and it is here for him too – on our helpline, in ‘My Journal’ forum and in the CG groups.  The helpline is there for you too.
I am sorry this is so short but I have visitors arriving any minute but I will write again soon
You have already done something positive towards your recovery by coming here