Hi new2GT! I hear where you are coming from and I do not think that our situations are that different. No matter how much money one has it is still a problem that we strive to resolve. One might feel a lot more stress or pressure if debt has been accumulated but at the end of the day it is still something you wish to help your husband with. And as you said the gambling produces other anxieties along with it…like him staying out causes you worry and fear. I know for me, I think my husband has truly hit rock bottom. He feels so terrible about himself that he had no choice but to come clean and start making changes. I think he felt in his heart that it was that or eventually lose his family. I am happy to say he took some steps this week and attended addictions counselling. They also assigned me to a seperate counsellor so that I can get help dealing with it and learn appropriate ways to help and support him. Because I must say in ***** of anger I do yell or insult him or shame him into changing…which obviuosly didn’t work. I hope things get better for you, from what I read it’s a long tough road with many ups and downs but it can be controlled and thats what I remain hopeful for. I too want a new beginning with him, so I hope we can achieve that one day. Trust takes a long time to rebuild, so one day at a time right!