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Well well well. Guess what another gamble free day and another happy day!
I KNOW that every single user on this site can find a gamble free sustainable new way of life, believe me it is worth fighting for.
Any new members reading may be thinking I havnt had it as bad as you. Read my earlier threads, my behaviour when I was gambling was abysmal on a good day, grotesque on a bad. FIVE PRISON SENTANCES, MENTAL INSTITUTIONS, ROBBERIES, BUGLARIES, EXTORTION, to name but a few of the lengths and consequences I endured in a 30 year period of gambling. One big win, lol several, I never bought myself as much as a pair of shoes, all those big wins got me was MORE GAMBLING, MORE MISERY, MORE CONVICTIONS, MORE HEARTACHE, MORE TIME IN CLOUD CUCKOO LAND, MORE ESTRANGED FROM MY FAMILY, MORE TROUBLE. My poor innocent family were my biggest victims I WAS A CRUEL CALLOUS MAN, of course I WAS SICK, literally. I’m getting better now I AM IN RECOVERY. If I can turn it round from there so can anyone and its as simple as CHOOSING NOT TO GAMBLE.
Of course when in the throes of it all if some one suggested why dont you just stop. LOL I could punch them they didnt understand I HAD TO GAMBLE, I just had to I was hooked its not case of just saying no is it? Its a lot harder than that up until six months ago I would swear the most difficult thing in my life would be to stop gambling. The last three months I can swear its not hard at all, providing you go about it the right way.
I’m sure most people on here have had long periods when they havnt gambled and that is great, but at the same time an achievement to battle those urges. If that sounds like you but youve gambled again dont give up, but I can tell you that you were probably just abstaining from gambling, no easy task and very well done for achieving it. You can find RECOVERY here and SALVATION from this awful hideous addiction, you have to work hard but when it clicks it clicks.
Dont just stop gambling, change your life; get into recovery its here for us all. The hardest thing is believing in yourself to do the right thing,. You know your life will be better without gambling in it or you wouldnt be here, we convince ourselves it is a mountain to climb. Well of course its not, but our heads get so full of spit we cant see the wood for the trees. And infact years ago when it was suggested "why dont you just stop" that was a perfectly reasonable suggestion. Its not harder than giving up drink or *****, your bodies become dependant on such substances, we dont need a gamble to get through the day. Whats the worst that can happen if we dont gamble on a particular day, ………..some might say "the opportunity to win a jackpot", I have to admit that is true however a jackpot to us only buys us more gambling. History and other peoples threads tell us we can never ever walk away a winner.
I want everybody to feel how I feel, how do I feel?  HIGH ON LIFE!
We can all achieve this, one day at a time. Thats not lip service to a clichè, it is the way it has to be.
Have a nice weekend everybody , lets all make today a gamble free day.
Geordie.I dont gamble.