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Am dead pleased to hear it V, honestly I really am. I’m having a sleepless night, very common in the first weeks of giving up weed apparently. Actually the site I found has a list of the possible side effects and insomnia is top of the list, many who have quit sleep well after a week or two. Sounds familiar. Short post from me too. Never crossed my mind you had nose dived. I know that feeling of disgust I am still disgusted about my channanigans a few months ago, but I am so pleased with myself for how I am conducting myself now. The one thing we both know is that our last bet was in the past, and we are both more than capable of keeping it there.
I’m not a regular prayer sayer, I do have faith though and your prayers mean a lot, x. Look how sherry just popped up, a coincidence I wonder.
See you soon.I dont gamble.