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Well good for you Vera. Those people dont care about you, we do. I am fairly certain in a month or two or maybe a bit sooner or later, you will look back at these last six weeks and L O L at how pathetic it is. We all know and we’ve all been there, but you’ve been here too.
Your honesty about today is commendable, and its tomorrow already! I’m not going to gamble just for today, and you are most welcome to join me.
This place would be no good to anybody if we just told a load of bollochs, recovery requires a great deal of honesty as you know this dosnt mean just answering questions truthfully. Better out than in.
The irregular sleep patterns I think are common with us all and a sign of lots on the mind I think. Whatever has happened before now is in the past its been and gone so why spend your time thinking about whats been and gone. Theres always positives V as you know.
Struggled giving the weed up but 4 days free now, and it is a lot harder than I thought so obviously a bigger problem than I thought.
A work in progress.
Mind you Vera, in all honesty I am very sorry you’ve gone a bit wonky, but not at all suprised that your last 50 turned into many more, why did you expect it to be different this time? It never is, not for us.
The GH outreach worker has a saying he uses a lot when someone has gambled, "same old punchline", he says. Cant argue there can we?
Consider yourself spoken to.Those are my wise words in your period of silliness!! Lol.
I dont gamble.– 01/06/2011 00:16:55: post edited by geordie18.