Hi July
And welcome back xx
Compulsive gambling is an escape from life – a reaction to life.   Compulsive gamblers often hate themselves. and I have read books by *** men saying the same.
Your ex doesn’t want to see himself as ***. He doesn’t want to be a CG.   I have heard the two often linked.  He wants to be what society has decreed is normal!!   I hope that one day he will find the person he really is and learn to love him.  
I am glad that you ‘know’ for your sake and  that you can move on. All the things you leant last time you were here can apply to both being *** in a world that calls ‘straight’ people normal, and compulsive gambling. It is because our world is so judgemental.
I think my reminder to myself today is not to be judgemental. It is easy to fall into but the good outcome from living with the addiction to gamble is, I believe, the ability to think more about our fellow human beings and not be so quick to judge.
I wish you well and I am glad that you came back to tell us your outcome which is positive and good for you.
With Love
Velvet ********