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Thank you Carole.  For thinking of me. It means a lot.  Strangely something made me log in to this site today  – something I have not done in ages – and went straight to the forum and saw your message. So I thank you.
A small update is that I am doing well.
I am now 10 weeks into my new job and its all going well. The people there are kind and funny. I work 45 hours a week so my spare time is now valuable as well – spending it wisely, cheaply and relaxingly.

  I am slowly recovering financially – setting £700 aside every month to my gambling debt repayments, and now £2000 has been paid back since I started work. Which feels great to beable to say.
I have been gamble free – apart from the very occasional OCCASIONAL slip where I’ve spent £10-£20 on a bingo game. Stark contrast to my days of spending £1000 on a single arcade or game, multiple ***** in a night.

I’m starting to feel like I have more control over my life again now and that things are heading back on track. I am so protective of my money now I know how it feels again to have to work very hard for the small pay.
I have some lovely plans in the upcoming future, a weeks holiday in June (not going away, but a week off at home to relax, take stock, etc).   And some lovely weather to boot.
A more positive and recovered person is emerging from the wreckage and I hope things continue to get better. I feel I am working hard and seeing the benefits slowly but surely. And thats the way it should be.
Thanks again. Levi.
The value of money has returned to my conciousness. I am careful with every penny and I am working far too hard to want to risk just throwing it away.—– Levi