Hi Velvet,
Thanks a lot for your reply. At the moment I’m really not sure if it’s an addiction (I know addictions when I see them as I’m an ex problem-drinker) as he does seem able to take it or leave it. It’s more that I find the idea of playing poker for a living pretty empty…

His other argument is that poker isn’t like betting on horses or whatever, because it’s a game of skill, and therefore if you are skilled, you don’t lose. He’s been doing it for years and says he’s reached an advanced level where he makes money, but never plays higher stakes than he can afford so it’s not risky.
I’ve agreed to spend some time with him getting informed about the game and how he manages the risk element – balancing wins and loses (he admits he sometimes loses but says that his funds always balance out long term and ultimately he’s making a lot of money) but the bottom line is that he seems to be saying he’s not willing to stop, it’s a case of me getting used to the idea. Hmm. I’m not sure this is going to happen!