Hi Mookie
Ive altered your location to "World" as were not funded to support UK residents and I’m aware that you’re not UK I didnt want you not to recieve the support you deserve
Mookie the arguments used " because it’s a game of skill, and therefore if you are skilled you don’t loose is an argument I used for over 20 years.
The truth is simple and really shouldn’t be over analysed as it just causes confusion. I’m a poker player, I’d say I’m a very good poker player but I can ****** you I’m not rich and I can ****** you poker in my case and the case of any compulsive gambler will never make us rich… why, If we are truly compulsive gamblers were always take higher risks, spend more time analysing the game, increase stakes and by the nature of the addiction we won’t walk away irrespective of outside influences, we lose our values and morals
I think the best example of this for me was when I was married, Poker cost me allot of money but more importantly it cost me my wife family & friends,  anyway Id almost lost every penny when I had a win, a fairly large win and at that moment I can remember crying as I truly wanted to lose so I could go home but whilst there was a bank roll I couldn’t go home, I spent the next hours trying to lose. I believe it was 2am when the casino shut and I had to go home. On returning I hid my winnings and the next day went back to the casino.
Gambling in the end isn’t about money and with poker players we all assume we have a skill element, but a CG as skilled as he maybe will always lose in the end and take his family down with him.
But there is a huge point here. I recognised after 25 years that I had a problem, I’m a compulsive gambler and for that reason I sought help and I now know categorically that I cannot gamble…. But this can also be a form of entertainment and not a problem for a non compulsive gambler, yes this addiction is progressive he may or may not be addicted he may or may not become addicted but the fact your concerned and to me that’s the only thing he should have a concern over, Its time you talked to him this is a fabulous link full of information that may help you
Please keep talking, please keep learning but always remember this is your life and you have the right to make decisions based on what’s right for you, A compulsive gambler however will give a little to appease you but will hold back enough to allow our addiction to form if that’s the direction he’s travelling in
Your last line " I’ve agreed to spend some time with him getting informed about the game and how he manages the risk element – balancing wins and losses" please don’t… if you truly have concerns all your succeed in doing is becoming part of his system and almost giving him the green light to continue.
Take Care
Harry25 year poker player, 25 year Hierarchal fool, 25 year ego boost…  Intellectualisation was my down fall, simplicity was my salvation