Hi Harry,
Thanks for your reply. I do feel however that I can’t convincingly say I am ‘against’ online poker when I don’t even know how the game works or how he plays. That’s why I agreed on an ‘information session.’
I also feel instinctively that he isn’t compulsive or addicted but I find the lifestyle he has due to poker pretty unappealing: he stays up til 5am chainsmoking and eating rubbish while he plays and then sleeps til midday. (I mean come on, there’s a world out there! and I want to be part of it and be a useful member of society!!). It seems such a pointless and empty way to spend your time. Especially when he has another occupation which is really wonderful and something a lot of people would kill to be able to do. I don’t get it!
He didn’t seem willing to consider stopping when we last discussed this…he was much more focussed on my informing myself and ‘accepting it over time.’ I really really don’t think I will. But there is so much good about him too that I don’t want to take a black and white stance and throw away the relationship…then again I don’t see how I can help him if he doesn’t see a problem 🙁