Dear Mookie
In my opinion, an information session would be dangerous. I don’t know if your boyfriend is, or is not a CG but as his behaviour implies he is, then you are stronger than he.   I believe, therefore, you should be the person he can trust to support him and not enable his addiction. I am not asking you to see things in black and white but you are living in the darkest of grey.  I would not want to see you back again in a year with a child and a mortgage, your dreams of a future shattered and everything you own lost.  
You say you are an ex-problem drinker – there is no ex-compulsive gambler – there is no cure for the addiction to gamble.   I have heard many CGs calling poker a skill – it is their addiction talking.   It is very sad but if he is a CG, that belief will ruin him and those around him- if they allow it to do so. 
How long have you been with your boyfriend?   How long has he been showing this addictive behaviour?   You cannot stop him gambling – only he can do that. You can point him towards help and support, you can sow the seeds of recovery but the best thing you can do is look after you and not enable him in this behaviour. 
I am very aware how good people can be addicted to gambling. I am very aware of the level of support that a CG ***** if they are to control their addiction.   It takes a courage and strength to control this addiction and we as non-CGs cannot imagine how we would cope if we had it – we also ‘cannot’ know what it is like to own it however much information we get. 
If your boyfriend is not willing to consider stopping then an information session where you show an interest could be a tipping point between what is possibly a serious problem or a full blown addiction – it would be as a green light to his addiction that you were willing to accept its power.  
If you want to gamble on line then that is your choice and I cannot tell you what to do.  I would hope that you would not do this with your boyfriend however, if you are able to walk away then that is good for you but from what you say he probably does not have that ability and I think that is one risk too many to take.  
Read the posts in ‘My Journal’ and in this forum – all the information you need is here written in the tears of thousands.
Look after yourself Mookie.