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Hi harry
I am in a same situation last week i lost my rent and i lost 1300 pound which i get from my flatmate to pay the rent as well. i have to leave my flat on 29th of this mount and i have nothing left till next wendesday . i sold all my stuff my camera my old laptop and my benefit money as well.
nearlly 10 days ago i came here when i lost my rent money and i start to have a conversation with one of advicer here i t was the time that i still could pay the rent because my flatmate promissed me to hel me paying the rent .
in that conversation i did not accept that i need help and i told to adviser that i beleive human been can sort it out all his problems if he want . the advicer told me that i need help and i just ignored that with lots of way ,making excuses and talking nonesence about the power of human been .
the week after i was in mess .just on monday morning 9.08/2010 my flatmate gave me 1300 pound to pay the rent and at 11 am same day i lost that ,oney on betshops .
back home with no hope and shame and embaresing sweeting and unable to think at all my flatmate cames back and called me i opened the door of my room and i told him cl…. i lost again.
he was shocked he did not told me anything just he left the flat. i came here again and with a mental situation which i cant explain but i am quite sure you undrestand that ,in top right side of the homepage you can fimd live advice help;ine i went ther another adviser was there i dont know how i explain my situation i was just crying and typing
he told me do you want to go to gordon house?
i did not know what is gordon house i asked him a couple question and i told him yes please help me to go there
i am refugee in uk and my wife left me on 2004 and i dont have family or friend here eccept my flatmate whi is not any more here i have nobody to relay on him or her
i was frighten that time to be homeless as i am sick as well mentally suffering from deppration and anxity isorder ,
i accept to go to gordon house maybe that time because i was frighten to be homeless
he gave me a number i called them and another adviser guide me to download an application form and i print it out fill it sighned it and scaaned it and sentit back to gordon house associaation
2 days ago i got the answer and they accepted me to go there and today i found my self in another situation i found a person from my own country and maybe he could  help me to find an accomodation when i have to leave this flat but i dont want to accept it do you know why?
because i know i cant sort it out my problem by myself i need help i need someone who can help me to get rid of this addiction and i know i am 100 percent sure i cant sort it out by myself and i need special help from someone who knows the nature of this addiction
and i want to go to gh and get help and sort it put my problem for ever
i dont want to be a coumpulsive gambler anymore i want to be free i dont want to be slave any more that is enough
my friend i am a forigner i am a refugee and still help is availble in UK for me defenitly there is help availble for you as well . you found already the way and you took the first step by posting your story aswell try and try and get in touch with those lovely kind expert adviser on live chat advise and asked them to guide you to  the right direction
they knows what they are doing and they really care about every gambler
my friend i  remember the time i was eating grass witha dog on park i remember the time i ate row meat because i did not feel ok to **** it .i remember the time for weeks i just took sedatove tablets to sleep and just drank tea
my friend it is horrible and defenitly you know as well
get in touch with them and ask help there is help availble for you just you have to ask and accept it
i wish all the best for you forgive me for my poor english language i am not english but honestly i have a big big big respect for uk and uk people they are really nice and freindly
all the best my friendhamed