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Thanks for the replys. Its day two of no gambling and i feel like i achieved something seeing as i had to go and gamble online or at the casino every day. However, i still feel bad becuase all i found myself doing yesterday was led on the couch with a blanket watching tv and feeling bad for myself. Ive always believed that there is no god, but since i reliased how bad i became i dropped what ive beleived for years and prayed. It didnt make me feel any better but it helped me bring out my emotions. I still havnt told anyone how bad it is out of my family and its starting to become very bad becuase when there smiling laughing and talking to me i cant bring myself to show any happiness at all. I hope that this will be the end of my gambling life. I feel like ive "learnt the lesson" too many ***** and pledged that i would stop too many *****, Thanks for any help. I hope we can all quit our obsessions together.– 15/08/2010 13:09:35: post edited by HarryP22.