this gambling addition is exactly what is says "addiction".  I don’t know what my sister is up to in terms of gambling or not right now.  However, my friend has done something new this time – not the first part but the second part.  She went to the casino and stayed too long and went crazy thinking if she put more money in the slot machine it would have to eventually give her all of her money back – even to the point of using her credit card(s) again.  Then she had to come home and take money out of her retirement account to put money back in her checking account.  NON OF THAT WAS NEW BEHAVIOR.  She was sooo down and swore to herself and me that there was no way she would be going back to play for a long time (usually when this happens she stays out for months until she gets back on her feet).  However, within a week she started playing again and stayed for hours but didn’t lose (as if that made it ok). 
The fact that this is the first time she hasn’t lamented longer over her disaster really concerns me as I feel like it is like a step further up the addiction ladder.  The part that hits me hard is that the casino isn’t in the town where we live but an hour away where her sister lives and where my sister lives – the second fact being my concern.  I recently moved here partly to be closer to my sister.  My friend loves to ride with me when I go visit.  However, it is an emotional battle inside me when I want to visit my sister but I know my friend will want to go too but not to visit but to gamble.  After the recent disaster and her desire to go right back it hits me hard.  I don’t want to be an "enabler" by letting her ride with me but it would be hard to say no – I think I know the right answer here – making her have to drive her own car if she wants to gamble is my first thought of what is right.  I should not have to give up my visits to my sister’s house because my friend will do wrong.  Wow, this so sooo tough.
Right after my friend was so low she was almost ready to start a thread on here.  I told her she really needed the support of others who could identify with what she had done and who could help her if she wanted to move forward towards recovery.  I wish I had reminded her the next day to join and start her thread as now I don’t know if she has the same desire.  i guess there is no harm in asking if she would start a thread.
Ok, this is too long already.  Thanks for any replies.  What a downer!   Helen