So hard when you want a person to quit gambling because you don’t want to see them hit rock bottom to quit and you think they may have turned the corner and then you see that they still aren’t there yet.   My friend swore that she was only going to get her coupon money from the casino form now on and put it in a jar to save for bills, etc.  Then today she headed off and I could tell she had no intention of getting her money and returning without playing.   It sort of "got to me" that she called while she was playing to let me know that even though she was playing, she would not get into trouble because she was only playing 30 cents at a time – she told me she thought that would make me feel better about her being over there.  I cut her off short and said that as long as she was in the casino she would not stay out of trouble and I tried to let her know that I didn’t need to know what she was playing in the casino because as long as she was in a casino she would get in trouble – she seemed offended at my lack of interest!  Thanks for listening as I needed to get that off my chest.  I know this is a never-ending battle when you know a cg and it is frustrating!!!!!