Hi (((Velvet)))
All I can say is that you have such wisdom and when we get a post from you it feels special.  I do realize that you are only one person and it is difficult, actually impossible to write on everyones posts!!!!  I know that you try to do so much for everyone.  I have this voice in my head that comes from you and it says "why not go for a gamble free life".  I am glad to say that it is something that I am working towards, but I had not really thought that way until you posted it for me.  I was working on getting to and beating my longest stretch of gamble free time.  I am again at 7 months gamble free which is where I got to before, however, I also know that I am the same distance away as everyone else from placing my next bet.  Thanks Velvet for your magic touch!!!
 One day at a time my sweet lord…