Hi Looby Loo (also Jenny, who wondered about my ‘disappearance’!)
I have not gone away.  I ‘pop in’ regularly, but have no cg news of my own to share.  My son keeps in touch in a minimal sort of way and visits when he can find a way to get to us, but otherwise he gets on with his life (not, as far as we know, in recovery), whilst we get on with ours.  Obviously, legal proceedings will continue and one day we may hear some unwelcome results of those.  But so far, I do not know where things have got to.
Perhaps I have written more on other people’s posts at ***** than I have of late.  I have been getting a lot of migraines again and this can mean I feel a bit sicky and lacking in energy – though on the whole I am fine and keeping fairly busy with a range of interesting activities.
Looby, I hope your son finds his way back to a true recovery.  I know you have had a lot going on in your family and life is full and busy, joyful and painful all at once.
Jenny, I hope you are ok, too, and managing to stay in a healthy place within yourself and for and with your family.
Best wishes to all.
Monique xxKeep hope alive.