Hi Friends
I am away and having a good time generally.  But some bad news re my son did reach us.  It involves financial scam attempts on his part – nothing surprizing when you are dealing with a cg, just we had hoped he was in a better place by now.  The real turning point has not come, obviously.
We are to see him when we get back.  At first we wondered if we should cancel his visit – but it is rare for him to be able to get to us, as we are a long way from him and he never has money to travel (of course).  So the visit is still on and we think he does not know that we know about the scams.
We are wondering how to handle the visit and make it useful, if possible.  Also, can we continue seeing him in the future, if he continues how he is now? 
I am rushing this a bit, so hope it makes sense.  I may not see replies straight away either, but will appreciate them when I do.
Many thanks as ever.