Dear friends,
A lot has happened the past two days and I don’t know where to begin. My parents in-law came by to visit us yesterday and, with the elephant in the living room, the chit-chat about the weather made me tremble and anxious. Finally, *I* brought up the subject. 
My hb (CG), MIL and FIL were sitting there and I said "Please, let us discuss the journey that your son will be going on soon". I had everyone’s attention and we took it from there – a lot was said and needless to say we were all super-tired afterwards. I hope to elaborate on chat.
Nutshell: His parents *do* support our decision to work on this and also him travelling to SA. Today we (my hb and I) went to sign the contracts with the rehab facility he will be travelling to in a few weeks – we feel confident this is a good move.
I’m feeling really low on energy (bad night’s sleep, accusations from CG yesterday and today) but you, my GT friends, are lifting me up. Hope to still be awake in an hour and a half to chat. HUGS ***