nomore 56

Hi Berber, I read your post and I love how you express ur emotions with the smileys! From my own experience it is very normal how your cg reacts I think. It must be very scary for him since he does not really know what to expect. And I also think that part of the anxiety has to do with losing the “crutch” of gambling emotions and problems away. There will be a gap to be filled with new stuff, which is at this point still unknown. The same goes for you. Things will be different, at least during the time he is gone. And hopefully different in a positive way when he returns. The relationship will change for both of you. And there might be the fear on your part that it will not work, at least that was the case for me. Just wondering, why did YOU pack the suitcase and prepare the documents? The compliment he paid you sure was great! Enjoy it, you worked hard for it! As for his parents, addiction is a family disease and they might also be a little afraid of what is coming after treatment. I know loads of people who still think that cg is a behavioral problem and can be overcome by willpower and just not doing it. They will come around. My hb’s family knew more about his gambling than I did for many years. They distanced themselves from him over the years and have only lately grasped how very different he is as a person now in recovery. I wish you well, both of you. When the day of departure comes, do something nice for yourself and take a deep breath, or 2, or 15….And you are not nagging, you are doing the right thing. 🙂