Hi B
You are being incredibly insightful yourself – your hb will benefit from it.
The leap from being controlled by the addiction to gamble, to controlling it, is tremendous.   Those who love someone who is prepared to take that leap want more than anything to see the change and in that desire; things that should be noted and dealt with can be overlooked. It seems to me your eyes are wide open and this could not be better for your husband.   He ***** you to be strong and aware.    Your desire and ***** will not be the deciding factor – his desire and ***** and what he takes from this opportunity to change, will be down to him although your strong support will be invaluable if he chooses to live gamble-free.
I will hope along with you that his parents remove their blinkers but from all you have said I think you are wise not to raise your hopes.   There is none so blind as he (she) who will not see.
I know I will see you soon in a group soon – I just wanted to say hi and let you know I was following proceedings with more than a passing interest.  
Zoals altijd met zorg en liefde