Hi Berber!
I am new to the site so I am starting to write my thoughts down but I’m doing more lurking than anything. When I read you initial post one item really caught my eye. You in-laws knew about all of this before you ever met him and your mother-in-law sort of passed his care on to you.
My HB’s entire family knew and never said a word. My FIL even went so far as asking my HB if he had told me. When he said he had not that was the end of it! In a way my FIL told me at a family function…”I don’t know about that one (referring to my HB) you need to keep your eye on him.”
I am so angry at his entire family for hiding this for YEARS I can not even be around them. I am angry at the disservice they did to my HB and the disservice they did to me and my children.
How did you deal with your HB’s family?
Sorry to barge in on your thread,