Dear friends,
An hour ago-I was fine. Extatic. My hb came back from rehab a changed man. We woke up together this morning, meditated, said the serenity prayer… He’s gone to GA meetings… and showed me some of his process at rehab. He asked me to read his ‘life story’,which makes me sad right now. Sad for him, how things went in his youth and the relationships he has had, but even more sad because I feel hurt. Things had happened that he has not told me before, things I will not write here.. and, on top of everything: the reason he was almost late to his own wedding was because he gambled! I feel soooo hurt, even though he is trying to be a better person now-and every day is a day at a time, I need time and space to feel better. I HATE the addiction! Hate it! Hate it!