Hi B
I am glad you are back with us.  
You are right of course that the amount your hb gambled matters not.   As long as a CG gambles the damage to the mind continues.   If he is ‘thinking about it’ that has to be better than not thinking about it at all. I hope to hear he does more than just think about it soon.
A good thread to read has recently been brought up to the top of the CG forum ‘My Journal’ – entitled ‘Anniversary’ by Colin in Brum. I think Colin’s post is worth translating for your hb.  
It looks like we are leaving mother-in-law until we are in a group – pity about her denial.   I think it is possible sometimes for parents to accept addiction and then later to deny it when they have wearied of it. I have certainly seen it with my friends and their obviously ********* daughter.   They no longer communicate with me although at the beginning they couldn’t get enough information and support.   It is their daughter I feel the most sorry for – their subsequent denial is doing her a great deal of damage.
I look forward to welcoming you into a group soon but in the meantime it is good that you are back with us on the forum