Hi Mnn, I do feel for you. I can only speak for myself and how I let go of my anger. I try to use the anger to change/take action eg it normally makes me follow through on consequences for boundaries that have been pushed or broken. I do acknowledge it, use the energy and then let it go. When I was with my ex husband who was abusive, I suppressed my anger which in turn made me ill. My counsellor at the time suggested I find a place to let out huge screams to let it out or punch a pillow, things like that. Sometimes coming to a site like this and having a rant is enough too, so rant away if it helps. I also believe having anybody new in your house, cg or not, after the ‘honeymoon’ period, there is a time when everyone has to find their way and frustration can occur. Lay down those boundaries and keep to them. Maybe someone else will be able to tell you how they let go of their anger too. Good Luck.