Hi Mnn,
If you are not careful you will be suckered in by this awful addiction as it is the master manipulator. It especially preys on family using them to get enablement, knowing what strings to pull and knowing how to play on their emotions. It knows no bounds and it cares only for itself. You are wise that you are educating yourself as this will be your best defense. In my opinion it is not enough that your brother has admitted to having a gambling problem. He didn’t when your now deceased brother had asked him, but now that he is in a financial jam, he has. Still it is not good enough and shouldn’t mean all is good because it is not. By bringing him in your house without a written agreement, ****** all the terms (money) and rules (no gambling) and consequences is opening the door for the addiction to do as it pleases. It has taken your brother’d home which your parents worked hard for and now it is gone. You need to protect yourself emotionally and financially and your marriage. It is best that you never trust the addiction, it is capable of things you can’t imagine. I learned to separate the addiction from the person. I did this with my father who is your brother’s age, but again this is a strategy and is not always possible. I know this addiction well and it ***** to constantly placed in check by the cg and friends and family. If your brother is sincere in his efforts to stop gambling, he won’t object. He will be happy that someone is on his side fighting this addiction. I hope this is true of your brother and if not, be prepared for the roller coaster ride. However,
always remember you can get off whenever you want. This place is full of great people, read more and don’t let the addiction bully you.
(I believe we get our greatest strength from the hardest obstacles)