Thank you all for your quick replies.
I believe I will install betfilter. It was my first idea to install a filter, but my wife said ‘we need to give him a chance’ Personally I think he had his chance when he gambled away the house and car, anyway thanks for confirming how I felt.
To adele – nice to know there’s another Texan here. We do live in the suburbs of Dallas and I knew there were buses up to the Oklahoma casinos, but the places they pick people up are quite a ways from here. I don’t know of any casinos in this area.
I don’t know if he is willing to do a gamblers anonymous type program or not. While he has lost everything I am not sure from the way he is talking that he thinks he has a problem, it sounds more like he thinks he just had some bad luck. I say this because he made the comment about the recent large Powerball drawing that if he had bought a ticket his money problems could have been over – unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough thinking to say something like ‘gambling is the cause of your problems not the cure’ of course I thought of that reply 2 days later instead of at the time.

Since he does not have a car, and will be in a strange (to him) city with no friends here yet, I think that and the betfilter program will limit his ability to gamble. Unfortunately he still will be able to buy lottery tickets from a store 2 blocks away, but I don’t see what we can do about that, I can not lock him in the house and both my wife and I have jobs so he will be on his own about 9 hours a day weekdays.
I do worry about the fact that we do have some nice things in our house and he did sell off a bunch of stuff from his/our parents house to finance his gambling. I guess the first time something comes up missing I’ll have to decide from there.
My problem is I don’t want to be his ‘jailer’ I want to be his concerned brother who will not put up with gambling/********, etc. I admit I really don’t like him moving in with us, but he’s family.
I really appreciate the advise as I’ve never had to deal with this type of issue before.