Stan’s girl – Thanks for your response. I am glad that us expressing our stories can help you (and hopefully others). We just did another “pressure relief” meeting and went over all finances and how they were to be handled. I am fortunate that, like you, he wants get better and we are working together to try and do the best for our family.
NoMore 56 – Good to hear from you. For the past few years I have been paying all the bills and we no longer had joint accounts, etc. During this last relapse, he gained access to money through obtaining a new credit card, taking out another loan and using some of his overtime. It sickens me that credit card companies and loan sharks take advantage of people like him but “it is, what it is”. He said he paid the loan off with his x-mas bonus and the new credit card has been added to his monthly restitutions. The counselor was a mutual decision. He knew I was pretty serious this time about leaving the marriage and said he would be willing to do pretty much anything to keep our family intact. I feel better after our last counseling session and after we re-evaluated the current financial situation. I appreciate your kind words of support and glad I have a “place” to go since Gam-Anon isn’t really working for me right now.