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Hi Mayatemmab, it is a good start to address the financial issues head on. I mentioned the community property issue just because the spouse in theses states is responsible for any debt the other one accumulates, whether one knows about it or not. Do you know what your hb’s credit report looks like? You probably do because you have a credit counselor involved, which is a good thing. You said that your hb is willing to do anything to keep the family intact. Again, a good first step on his part. Keep in mind that his first and foremost priority in this should be to stop gambling and work on his recovery, no matter if you are with him or not. While everything you guys have put in motion is really great and will hopefully work for you, for him and your family his motivation is a crucial factor when it comes to recovery. I’m just saying this because of my own experience. The best way to support him is for you to be in a place where you feel safe and secure. To know that you have the right safety measures in place will put your mind at ease a great deal so you can focus on other things besides being afraid that the bills are paid. As for GamAnon, I understand what you mean. It is a great place to find support but the program is not for everyone. The groups are also very differently structured and it depends greatly on the people you find there as well. I met some very nice people there and it was a place for me where I could vent, cry, scream and let out my frustration in the beginning without being judged. I got some very useful advice as well but overall it was not for me. Whatever works best for YOU is what you need to do. You go girl!!!!